How to setup? as simple as

Dear all expert,
I have installed one copy of gibbon at my school. I am in trouble with the settings for functioning as simple as
I have installed “free learning module”. But i cannot create any of the free learning courses there.

May anyone help? Thanks

Hi George,

Gibbon comes with a wide array of functionality, and in GorillaPD, most of it is turned off. You can disable modules you do not want to use under Admin > System Admin > Manage Modules, setting modules to active=N. In addition, you can disable functionality within modules for certain users under Admin > User Admin > Manage Permissions.

Hopefully this helps you trim down Gibbon.

In terms of Free Learning, the module takes you to Browse Units by default. Use the drop down module menu to switch to Manage Units, where you’ll find an Add link to create your first unit:

Good luck!