How to set up time table for each class

Hi Ross, 

How do you setting up the time table for each class for each period in a day for a week?
For example:
Science : Monday Period 1, Tuesday P3, Wednesady P7 and so on…

Thank you for your prompt reply.



Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome to the Gibbon community.

Have you looked at our timetabling guide:

It is brief, but should be enough to get you started, and you can then follow up with more specific questions.



In timetable schedule, sunday is not showing though i have enabled sunday in manage colums and timetables and also in days of week. but for some strange reason sunday is showing blank.


This was a bug in v11.0.00 that has already been fixed in the v12 dev branch. v12 is due to be released June 24th. Can you wait until then for this feature?



I am also facing the same problem, Sunday is not showing in class routine; glad that its fixed in version 12.