How to remove Student Applications button on login page

Good day. How can I remove the button “Student Applications” on the login page? I think this setting is in Permissions that I can’t find yet :slight_smile:

@richardg Just use the top search and search: " application form settings"

then set “Public Application” to “No”


Thanks @kelvinmw you are correct I left it at “Yes”. But the Student Applications button is still appearing after I set “Public Application” to “No”, and restarted the test server, and clear cache on my browser . I will try again next week maybe the change is delayed.

Hi Richard, are you using the new Admissions/Form Builder applications, or the original Student Applications? This may impact where the setting is. In the case of the new system, it’s under School Admin > Admissions Settings.

Thanks @sandra setting “Enable New Admissions Page” to “No” removed the Student Applications button on the login page :slight_smile:

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