How to query attendance summary by class and by quarters/terms of current school year?

I really like the summary date range attendance section but it only allows me to print the data. I want to have more flexibility to download the data but I am very new and fear to use the query builder. I would essentially like to download summary class attendance by school terms rather than the entire school year. Any help will greatly be appreciated to help new users get more confident with using the platform.

Hi alegriajavier, great to hear you’re finding the attendance summary useful. This particular report doesn’t have an export option. However, an interesting workaround is that most Excel and Sheets applications enable you to paste in tabular data from a website and it will format it into spreadsheet data. Try and copy-paste the table contents, including selecting the header rows, and you should see that you are able to copy it this way. It’s a bit of a workaround, but should help you get started extracting this data.

I do recommend checking out the Query Builder at some point, which offers the most flexibility for exporting data. The value-added set of queries can be very handy, and for those who purchase the license we’re happy to help build and add a new query to the list if there’s anything specific that you’re looking for that is missing.