How to print timetable ?

Hello everybody,

Congratulation and many thanks for this wonderful software. I would like to ask you how it is possible to print a timetable ? I would like to print the timetable of my teachers and of each year group ? thanks a lot!


Welcome to the community, and thanks for your kind words.

Gibbon does not support TT printing, as it is designed to be used online…but I can see cases where this might be useful. If (on the rare occasion) we need to print, I generally take a screenshot of each TT, and print that. A little time consuming, but the best we can offer right now.



Thanks a lot for your quick answer ! I’ll do like this. I am headmaster in a school in Kenya. I spend some time to understand the software… it’s quite good now. Il like it! . Perhaps I will ask you about a SMS provider for Kenya if I can’t find a solution by myself.

: ) happy that you are enjoying Gibbon. If you want to ask about SMS, please do this in a separate thread.