How to print only Term 2 report card

Hi there, I trying to print only the Term 2 report card but the Term 3 marks are also showing. Is this possible? Can someone help me how to do it?

Thank you so much for the help.

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Are you referring to the built in report module or the reporting module on by @andystat?

Hi Chellie,

Are you trying to print the report, or generate a new one? Any existing PDFs for Term 2 can be printed without needing to re-generate the report. Otherwise, can you let me know which type of report you’re running? I think you may be using the custom templates I wrote for your school, so I’d need to take a look at a specific report to see which columns are being printed.


Hi @ross and @meierrom,

Thanks for your response, actually there is a request to print only the Term2 report card for a specific student. They want only the term2 marks will show but when printing it also shows the Term3 marks.

Are we able to just generate the report for Term 2?

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Hi @ross it is for Preschool report card.

Hi Chellie,

I took a look at your Kindergarten Outcomes template and tweaked it with the following line of code (line 74):
{% set value = cycleNum <= reportingCycle.cycleNumber ? outcome.values[cycleNum] : ‘’ %}`

This ensures that values will only be printed if they are less than or equal to the term being printed. If you run off a draft report for a preschool student for Term 2 you should see that Term 3 outcomes no longer display.

Thank you so much Sandra, it worked!! :slight_smile: