How to manage paced based learning

I am trying to optimize Gibbon to fit my use case. But still having some difficulty.

The general the question
1- is there a data flow diagram or entity diagram that is show the relation between the form group, departments, courses, classes, teachers and students?
2- can a student enrolled in two form groups or more?

My use case is:
I have multiple courses e.g math, English, German,…
The student can be at level 1 for math, level 3 for German, and level 2 for english.
At the end of the class period/ school year, all the students will go to the next levels of the classes), e.g. the student move to level 2 on math, level 4 on German, and level 3 on English.
Other students can have different levels e.g. Math:1, En:1, De:1 and they enrolled in the next level automatically when rolling them over.

How to manage this situation?

Hi Abbadi,

There isn’t a currently diagram, although I can see where that would certainly be a useful thing to have.

Students cannot have multiple form groups. If your school doesn’t have a concept of form groups (often called homerooms or advisory groups), then it often works to create one large form group for all students, or one group per overall year in the program (Year 1, Year 2, etc.)

If you were to setup your courses in Gibbon as German Level 1, German Level 2, etc., after you’ve performed the User Admin > Rollover for a school year, you can also use the Timetable Admin > Course Enrolment Rollover tool, which an be used to automatically promote students from one class to the next, eg:

This tool will try to automatically select courses that are numerically one level higher than the previous course, but if it doesn’t automatically select the correct course (should they have a different naming pattern such as A, B, C), you can also manually map them to run the course promotion.

Hope this helps!

Thank for the useful Hints. :slight_smile: