How to make the website offline

Dear Sir,

Please, advise how to make the website OFFLINE



Gibbon was conceived and built as online, web based software? Presummably there is some way to enable it to work offline, but this is really not part of our vision. I can see why some schools might like this, but we don’t have the resources to cover what would be a substantial rewrite of substantial parts of the system.



Hello Mr Daniel. This is interesting. I have a solution to what you want to do because I am a developer. Please provide further details about your needs and I can be of help to you.



Dear Ross,

I can see that you might not have understood my question.

I mean, offline module where the admin can click to make the front page offline while the admin can online access the admin interface for maintenance purpose, let me say a maintenance mode.


Hello Daniel,

This is what I need

1- Teachers should communicate with the parents of students via internal message, and sms

2- Parents can use the website to send sms to a teacher

3- The software or website should host or manage multiple schools.
Each school can register separately from others
Each school has its login details
Unlimited school registration


Ah, I see. Now, that is an interesting option. Can you explain more about why you would need an offline mode?



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