How to import Timetable

Good day. I have finished importing courses and classes and enrolled the staff and students. May I ask how to import Timetable? The four available choices “Timetable - Column Rows”, “Timetable Days”, “Classes in Period”, “Timetable - Complete” seem to require Timetable entry to be created already. Thanks in advance

This should help you to get started:

I was stuck on number 4 (Manage Columns). I can manually create the columns, but I cannot import new columns into Gibbon. The four available import templates assume the column has already been created before they can be used (I think).

Please let me know if this is the procedure for importing timetables:

  1. Manually create the column, and then
  2. Import the Column’s rows using the template “DataStructure-timetableColumnRows.xlsx”

Yes, columns don’t tend to change frequently, so it looks like there isn’t an import that creates just the column itself. Your workflow is correct, you can create the column and then import the rows into it.

Thank you sandra for clarification. And thank you also meierrom for the earlier post.