how to identified Legitimate student while enrollment ?

i have a little trouble finding a legitimate student while enrolling. what if student has a same Name, and how can i identified the legitimate student , or is there other way to enroll student to avoiding confusing by Name , i have attached snap shot that i recently took. please view this snap shot .



Good question. I thought I had addressed this in v10, but must have missed this case. I have put a fix into v11 for this, which shows the username after the name. If you get the change shown in the link below, you can put it into your v10 install, and it should work fine.



Hi, Rose

excellent works, Thanks Rose, now i can identified the student even if they have similar name, since their Login Name are identical, so i can differentiate from user Name,


But you know Ross,
it only fixed that particular section, Rest are same, if you search from Search engine Box to find student, or even if you try to find student on other search engine, like assignment of homework, Bill payment , etc still it is little tricky to identified,
i think we need to add on all module this code in order to get avoid confusing

(1) $sqlSelect=“SELECT gibbonPersonID, preferredName, surname, username FROM gibbonPerson WHERE gibbonPerson.status=‘Full’ ORDER BY surname, preferredName” ;

(2) print “” . formatName(“”, htmlPrep($rowSelect[“preferredName”]), htmlPrep($rowSelect[“surname”]), “Student”, true) . " (" . $rowSelect[“username”] . “)” ;

Mr. Andrew

Ross, I think it would be better making search engine than drop down list, for example if you type student name, it suppose to show by alphabetically order, so more character you type less number of Name appears,
so that would be great compare to drop down, by using drop down function , it wont allow you to filter granular y, suppose if you have 5000 student , it will really difficult to filter.
so, in my point of view that would be great…
please give me feedback.
probably i’m writing too much, all the time, " i apologies for taking your time ".



Thanks for your comments, and no worries for taking up my time. I appreciate your input.

I see what you are getting at with the name format, but my experience is that in most places students are shown in the context of their roll group, or with an image, and so the username is too much information. If you want to give me a list of where you think adding username to the end of the name would be useful, I will try and code it up in one go.

Regarding the search comment, I think you might be right, but I don’t have time to look into this right now I am afraid.

Thanks for the input.