How to have a complete picture of the availavility of facilities in the whole school?


I found no way to have a picture of the facilities available in the whole school. Either you can see it by facility, or just your own classes and bookings.
That is fine if you just want to see the availability of a particular room.

Now, imagine that you are a teacher that wants to book a room (any room) for a particular date/time slot, and you have 30 rooms in the school.
The only way I can see so far to achieve this is to go room by room trying to book it, and if it is not available blindly start again until you find an available room.
Is this the only way to achieve this?

As a workaround I know I could use the Master Timetible to get a picture of the classes and from there infer that the slots not occupied by classes are available (which might not be 100% true). Still, I will have to somehow mix this with the existing bookings to which I only have access in a per-facility fashion.
Is there an easier way to get to know this?

Thank you!!

Hi Ricardo,

The Timetable > View Available Facilities report will show availability for all rooms across the school. You can click on a period within a day to see a list of the rooms. This report does exclude rooms that have been booked or used through facility changes, so should always give an up-to-date picture of room availability.

Hi Sandra,

I checked it by making a booking on a certain day and it correctly excluded the availability for the selected room.

Thank you!