How to get in old grade data and test out a transcript?

I have a sample install set up, and I want to test out the new reporting function, particularly for transcripts. If I’m understanding correctly, I need to set up previous years, set up all classes and students just like I were setting up an actual year to use, add a mark book column for each of the terms in that year (Fall and Spring), add scores to those columns that represent total percentage for that year.

After that what, if anything, do I have to do to make sure there is a recorded final grade?

Is there any guidance on how to then actually make the transcript? Do I run a report in the current year, or in the old year? I have to admit, I’m finding the reporting module outright overwhelming, with scope, criteria, and the access rules.

Jus tin case anybody stumbles on this, a quick overview of the process:

  1. You must set up students for the years you want to bring in grade data. That means setting up student accounts, enrolling them in year and form groups, setting up the classes that have grade data, and enrolling the students in the classes you want to enter grade data for.
  2. You do NOT need to set up an actual schedule, just enroll students in class. You also do NOT need to enter anything in the markbook.
  3. You do need to enter scores in the reports interface (or via upload to the reports interface). This will require you to set reporting cycles for the year, reporting scope, and criteria. Because (as per criteria must be course-specific, your courses will need to be set up properly, including the year groups which they include. If you do not have year groups added to courses, you will not be able to save a criteria that is course-specific (for course grades).

Thanks Ernest for sharing your workflow! This is a bit of work initially, because the data isn’t already in Gibbon. In theory, once schools have been using Gibbon for a while, all past years and reporting cycles are in the system, so they won’t have additional setup to do.