how to edit email templates

i wanted to know how to edit all email templates send by gibbon for example invoices and receipts etc

Hi syamkerai,

Welcome to the Gibbon community! Hopefully we can help you with your question. When you say “edit”, are you referring to the content of the emails, or the style? If you can let us know more about the changes that you have in mind, then we can advise you on how best to proceed.



actually both for the invoices generated by the finance plugin i want to add my company logo and name and adress on it etc
and for the all the other emails i want to change both text and the style

Hi syamkerai,

If you’re familiar with HTML and Twig template syntax you can edit the template for emails that are sent by Gibbon. These can be found in the resources/templates/mail folder inside your Gibbon install. The email.twig.html file controls the structure of all emails. You can edit the file directly, but to ensure it’s not overwritten by future versions, place your edited file in your theme/Default/templates/mail folder (or create one if it doesn’t exit). Here is the link to the Twig docs: