How to delete or edit certain classes from the timetable

Hi, I have imported a timeteble with several hundred classes from 12 courses. Now my teachers want to delete 2 or 3 clasess (or edit them). In example: classes P1M, P2M and P3M that were supposed to be on Monday as 1st, 2nd and 3rd class in the morning (AM), should now be in the afternoon on the same day (and the originals should be deleted).

Can I import a correction of the timetable (which will remove the old classes and import the new ones)?

Gibbon version 18, Data admin installed.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention it: the semester began in October 2019 - so importing of the whole timetable is probably not a good option. :neutral:

Hi jklindzic,

Importing the whole timetable again or editing the timetable seems not ideal here since this case is not about correcting a mistake but rather a change of the timetable over time. Keep in mind that such a change would affect data in the past as well.

Instead I suggest to create new timetable days for those days with changes, e.g. MoT2 if the change should be effective starting from term 2 and import the classes. Finally all you have to do is to assign the new timetable days correctly using “Tie Days to Dates”.

It’s a little tricky and mistakes can happen even to experienced admins. Therefore ensure to have backups available.

Good luck :slight_smile:

So, there is no way to just delete those 3 classes on monday? Because, otherwise it will create a lot of problems, especially since I have two timetables (depending if it is week1 or week2 (alternating schedule). Any more ideas?

Sure there is! :slight_smile:

Admin> Timetable Admin> Edit (selecting relevant tt)

Scroll down… Edit (selecting relevant tt day)

Scroll down… Edit (selecting relevant period)

Delete or change class according to your wishes.

Kind regards,

Thank you. I have looked everywhere, but this, obviously, I have missed. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

have you tried going to admin - timetable admin - manage time tables - edit time table - edit time table day and then select the class in period.and make the relevant changes.