How to delete Class or Form groups attendance Data by bulk?

I am still demoing this system and love to test it out before committing my teachers to enter attendance data. Is there a way to delete my form group or class attendance data by bulk rather than from individual student names? Please point me in the right direction to do this. Thanks

I wonder why one would so badly want to bulk delete attendance on real case scenario unless you’re doing testing and from my understanding of Gibbon that can be done through mysql commands under the query builder module.

Home>>Query Builder>>Manage Commands

create the sql command and that will get the job done

Thanks for pointing this out. In a real case scenario, this will not be the case and was wondering where it’s possible to clear entries I have entered since I have just started to use gibbon. It’s such a learning curve for me and any assistance for SQL commands is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your feedback

Hi Javier, you can use the following two SQL commands to delete ALL form group attendance logs:

DELETE FROM gibbonAttendanceLogFormGroup;
DELETE FROM gibbonAttendanceLogPerson WHERE context=‘Form Group’;

and for classes:

DELETE FROM gibbonAttendanceLogCourseClass;
DELETE FROM gibbonAttendanceLogPerson WHERE context=‘Class’;

The first removes the log that attendance was taken, the second removes the per-person information for that attendance taking.

This is a destructive operation, so proceed with caution, and backup your database first.

You can run these directly on your database using an SQL client, or use Query Builder and add them as local commands.

Good luck : )