How to create different timetable for different school

hello everyone
I have changed jobs this year and will now be working with five different schools. Is there a way for me to consolidate five different timetables into one Timetable, what do I need to do to make it more appropriate, or allow managers to switch quickly different schools,thank you for help.

Hi Kevin, it sounds like you will be very busy!

Are the five schools using five different Gibbon installations, or a single installation. I guess it is the first option, but wanted to just check.



Thanks Ross,
If we want to put all data in one installation,is it posbible?

Hi Kevin,

I would advise against using one installation for this, as Gibbon has no real multi-site support. You could use a custom field to distinguish one school from the other, but I think it’d end up in a big mess.

Multiple installations can live on a single server though…



Thanks Ross
I think i will ues another way to fix this question,but i have another question,i created 3 timetable already and put some class inside,but only one timetable can clear show the class time,but the others can’t, i will show the screen to you.

Hi Kevin, for classes that are shorter than a certain length of time, Gibbon will trim out some information, to avoid it overflowing the available space. If you hover over those smaller periods, you should see the hidden information appear in a tool tip.

In this case it looks like we could make an adjust to fit either the period or the time into the smaller boxes. Which would be more useful for you?