How to create different subjects in one course?

Hello everyone, after installing gibbon I’m trying to set up the structure of the school.
I already read many topics about this on the forum but still I can’t manage this.
In my school we have different courses. Each course has subjects and every subjects has a teacher.
In the timetable I need to know which course and (within the course) which subject is scheduled in that particular hour. How can I achieve this in gibbon?
I tryed to use courses as subjects but than I can only assign a class to only one subject.
How can I do this?
PS: Is it possible in gibbon to manage course’s hours? For example every course we have has to last a specified number of hours. Is it possible to track how many hours we had of a particular course?
Sorry for my english but I’m italian :smile:
Thank you so much


Hello @dardiv,

I would like to see whether I can offer you some assistance with the first part of your inquiry. Can you give me an example of a course in your school and the subjects it has?

In Gibbon a course can be seen as a subject (for example Year 10 English). You have to create at least one class for your course (subject). The class in this case would be a group of students taking/studying this course/subject. A teacher can then be assigned to the class.

Let me know if this helps.


Hello @tiekubd and thank you for the answer.
I’ll give you an example.
Let’s say I have a science course. In this course I have different subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and geology. Every subject is taught by a different professor and there is only one class attending this course (including all the subjects).
I tryied to use subjects as courses but then I need to create a class with the same people for each subject becouse i can only link a class to a specific course.
Obviously we have many courses in my school with different subjects.
I hope I have explained myself.
Thank you

I would have something like this:

And for what you call the science course, you could do one, or both of the following:

  1. Create a Department called Science to group these courses (subjects)
  2. Create a Form Group for the science students called something like Science Class or simply Science.

You can use Admin > Timetable Admin > Sync Course Enrolment to help you place these students in each of the classes (subjects).

This is what I would do.



So I have to create a class with the same people for each course(subjects)?

Yes. This is what a student taking the science course sees after logging in:


And the teacher of the Biology class will see the participants/students in the class:



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Thank you so much.


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