How to change the language in the system

I would like to know is it possible to change the language used in the system?
If possible, how can I change it?
Is it require a license?
For example, I want to change the language from English to Malay because it easier for students and teachers to understand and use the system.

I can’t say if Malay is supported, but you can switch to another language here:
Admin> System Admin> Extend & Update> Manage Languages :slight_smile:

Oh, I see. I’ll try that first. Thank you so much.

Hello, I have a Problem to install the german language pack.

I try to install the german language pack, but it end with a failure.

where can I download the files?

Hmm, this may happen if the system doesn’t have file permissions to edit the i18n folder on your server. You can try and check & change these permissions and try again, or grab the files and upload them manually. You can find the German language pack here:

Thanks for the link.

hello how can i add amharic ethiopioan language ov v22.0.01