How to change below names according to region?

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Your efforts in development of such good platform is very much appreciated. Many Thanks.

As per India, we need following changes to be made. I am afraid if I am posting at right forum, below are general queries.

US$ to INR
Manage Year Group to Manage Standard
Manage form Group to Manage section.

Change Application form settings, for example decreasing few inputs.

How to start a school in Gibbon?
What data we should import first?
Is registering user is required before student enrolment?

To start a school, what general steps are required? similar to question 3. A brief procedure will help.



Thanks for trying Gibbon! We apprciate any feedback for making it better.

  1. for currency, we are working on a broader solution: but for now, you can go into gibbonSetting in the database and search for the currency field, and manually set the currency. It will be undone any time you edit System Settings, and may cause issues with PayPal. We are going to have a formal fix for this in Gibbon v9.1, which should be out in the next three months. For changing the other phrases, you can edit the language files for your language in /i18n. Again, this will be overwritten when you update to a new version of Gibbon, but is the only way to do it for now.

  2. At the moment this cannot be done without some custom coding. For one approach see: What fields do you want to remove?

  3. To start a school, take a look at and

Yes, students need to be registered as users before you can enrol them into a school year.

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Thanks Ross. It helps.