How to assign students to subjects (e.g. Global Perspectives Year 10)?

I’ve added students, teachers, created Years (8-13) and rolls (e.g. 08.1), and also created Departments (e.g. Science Year 8). In some Years, some students take, for example, Global Perspectives but not Enterprise. How to do I assign different students to specific subjects?

cswift, if you go to Admin > Timetable Admin in the main menu and then Manage Courses And Classes in the module menu, you can set up courses (such as GP10) and then classes within those courses (such as GP10.1). Once these are set up, also in the Timetable Admin module you can use Course Enrolment by Class or Course Enrolment by Student to assign teachers and students to classes. Hope this helps. Ross.

Thanks. How do you set up classes within courses? I have, e.g., ART-08, ESL-08, etc., and then one Roll Group called 08.1. Should I somehow be setting up specific Roll Groups like ART-08.1, ESL-08.1, etc., rather than the generic 08.1? If that’s the case, I’ll do that. Is there any way to make the Roll Group short name have more than 5 characters?

cswift, we have a very similar structure, with some classes mirroring form group enrolment. However, you still need to create your classes. Once you create a course, go in and edit it, and you will see an interface for adding and managing classes to it. Ross.

I think I’m getting the structure now. Is this right, as an example: 36 students in Year 8; 18 in one cohort and 18 in the other; they are both taking art at different times. Same exact setup for Years 9 and 10

Course: ART & DESIGN
Classes: ART-0800, ART-0900, ART-1000
Rolls: ART08.1, ART08.2, ART09.1, ART09.2, ART10.1, ART10.2

And then enter students in the Rolls, is that the setup? Thanks again!

cswift, almost there, but it would look more like this

Courses: ART-0800, ART-0900, ART-1000
Classes: ART-0800.1, ART-0800.2, ART-0900.1, ART-0900.2, ART-1000.1, ART-1000.2
Rolls: 08.1, 08.2, 09.1, 09.2, 10.1, 10.2

The Rolls can then be used to populate the courses/classes under Course Enrolment by Class under Admin > Timetable Admin.