How to allow Support Staff to view but not edit the student course enrolment

Good day. How to allow a Support Staff (cashier) to view but not edit the enrolled courses of students? So that the cashier can create the invoices.

When permissions ‘Course Enrolment by Class’ and ‘Course Enrolment by Person’ were given to Support Staff, they can view the courses enrolled by students, but this also gave them update permission to enrolled courses.

Hi Richard,

A student’s enrolled courses are available from the student’s profile, so you may not need to give them Course Enrolment by Class permission. On the front page of the profile, there is the option to list courses as a List or Grid, if you select List, you should see all the courses a student is in. If you have the Query Builder module, this may be another option to setup a query of all courses so that the cashier can access it.

Hi Sandra,

I can’t find the option to list courses as a List or Grid. I can see on the Student Profile the sections “General Information” and “Timetable”. On the menu side there’s sections “Personal”, “Assess”, “Learn”, and “People”. May I ask what section should I enter to list the courses?

I have been disabling some Permissions to limit the menu entries that are visible, so I think I disabled/removed the course listing entry. In this case, may I ask the Permission entry that will display the option to list the courses in the Student Profile?

Hi Sandra, my mistake. I see the section “Teachers of [Student]” listing the courses taken by the Student on that school year.