How to allow a teacher to take attendance only for her classes?

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With default permissions, a teacher logs in and can take attendance for any class, not only hers.
Is there a way to limit this to the teacher’s own classes only?

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Hello @rfernandez2007

The current permission is good to allow teachers to take attendance of any class incase of a missing teacher. Good thing is the attendance show logs of who took attendance.

To limit to teacher’s own class is not possible with current admin settings but with name of the person taking attendance[displaying] its easy to do a followup.

gibbon was designed by teacher for teachers & assumptions are that teachers are resposible.


Hello Kelvin,
Thank you for your answer!

Well, I believe it’ll work for me.
Although I’m a “prevent early/correct the least you can” person, I like the optimistic approach taken here.

Is there a configuration for setting how long to persist those logs, or will they stay there attached to the Class or Student? (I’m assuming that for changing the logs, if possible, you’ll need Administrator’s role)

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Hello Ricardo,

No settings/configurations, the logs stay attached to the class attendance [at the top].
You can only change that directly from the database but not from UI