How to add subscriber

Hi folks,

Sometimes we do have issues with failed login attempts and it would be helpful to notify a supplementary staff member if this happens. However, despite being an admin myself, I’m not able to add another subscriber.

Can you reproduce this?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

That is odd. If you head to Admin > System Admin > Notification Settings, you should see an option for Login - Failed:

If you edit this, you should be able to add users.

Does this help, or are you already ahead of me, and having technical issues adding a subscriber to the list?


Yeah, I tried this but there’s no option to add subscribers. I’ve attached a pic showing how it looks like in my setup.

Hi Roman,

It seems most like that the query right above line 169 of /modules/System Admin/notificationSettings_manage_edit.php is returning no rows for some reason. Can you confirm this by adding the following to line 169:

echo $resultSelect->rowCount();

That is line 169 in v19.0.00, so might be different in earlier versions.

This SQL statement checks access to the relevant action, which in this case is Manage Users.

Maybe no other users have access to this in your system?



Hi Roman,

There was an issue that we identified and fixed in v19 where notification events needed to handle grouped actions. This is quite possibly the issue you’re encountering too. Here’s a link to the updated code, which you can apply to your current install: