How to add scope for report section

Hi Team, I am new to Gibbon. Could you please help me how can I add Scope in Report section. It is mandatory field and the dropdown for scope is empty.


Also in Tracking Section The student list is empty even though I have added couple of student users. Any suggestion regarding this?


Hi Riya, welcome to the community! :smiley:

For the scopes, in Manage Reporting Cycles, try clicking the grid-icon (Manage Scopes and Criteria) next to the pencil when editing Reporting Cycles. This will take you to a page with a + icon to add new scopes, and then add you can add criteria to those scopes.

If you’ve added students with the Student role, be sure to also enrol them in the current school year using the Students > Student Enrolment tool. Many areas of Gibbon won’t consider a student to be active unless they’re enrolled in the current school year.

Hope this helps!

Thanks!! It worked :smiley: