How is the unrollement (cancellation of the registration) of a group of students in a class at once?

I made a mistake to register a hundred students in false classes (form group), according to the proposed interface I can rectify that by a one student, I am looking for something that will modify a set of students from one class to another by a single click.
I even tried with an Excel DataExport-studentEnrolment.xlsx file, I corrected the desired classes and no results

Hi nejah,

On this scale, and with the rarity that this case would come up, SQL is likely the best bet here. If you have access to your database you could run a SQL statement based on the form group ID, if you’re removing all students from that form group, it would look something like (updating the IDs as needed):

DELETE FROM gibbonStudentEnrolment WHERE gibbonFormGroupID=0123 AND gibbonSchoolYearID=001;

If you have Query Builder, you can create a Command for these types of SQL statements, which will let you do a dry-run to see the possible number of students affected (very handy for production systems). In any case, be sure to backup your database before running any destructive SQL statements. Hope this helps!