How I can modify the print của invoice?

I need modify some words that are not translated on the print của invoice. Please tell me how I can. Thank for help

You need to be specific. Can you please supply the list of words you refer to?

Thank for your reply meierrom

I am in Vietnam. I installed the translation into my language. Allmost of words were translated completely but there are some can’t be translated such as some words on the print of invoice that showed for student and their parents

I need change some words into my language on print of invoice such as:

  1. Family,
  2. Pending,Issued Paid, Issued - Overdue, Paid, Paid - Partial, Paid - Late, Cancelled, Refunded
  3. Online, Bank Transfer, Cash, Backing, Cheque, Credit Card, Other

Please help me

There is a tool for translations in Gibbon. You can find it here:
Admin> System Admin> Settings> String Replacement

There is good and bad news here. The bad news is, that theses strings, e.g. Family are currently hardcoded and excluded from translation.
The good news is that you can quite easily include it in translation but it requires some hacking from your part.

File: /modules/Finance/moduleFunctions.php
Line: 940

//$return .= “”.(‘Invoice To’).’ (‘.$row[‘invoiceTo’].’)
$return .= “”.
(‘Invoice To1’).’ (‘.__($row[“invoiceTo”]).’)

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi buiphung, Roman’s input is useful, and points in the right direction (thanks Roman!), but having looked in more depth, I’ve found some other strings that are not wrapped. This has been fixed in the v20 commit below:

If you download the copy of /modules/Finance/moduleFunctions.php from that commit, and add to your v19 Gibbon install, it should resolve the issue. Let us know how it works!



It works the best.Thank admin