How easy to make the layout more suitable to different screen sizes?

Sorry if that has already been covered somewhere but the only link I found was to a mobile view but that is not quite what I am asking, On widescreen display the web view looks very wasteful.

Login Page

Timetable Page

Activities Page

But beyond the aesthetics it makes for some exceptionally long pages.

New User Page

From what I can determine the themes only change colours and background but none of the styling meaning that the big gaps on either side of the content looks very wasteful.

I admit I am new to the project and so have not had time to investigate or dig into the code too much but are there any plans or is it already possible to not be so wasteful of screen estate? I mean even a CSS should be able to scale to the page width. Is that feasible?

Thanks for listening.

Hi Develroo,

Good question. You could make a copy of one of the themes, rename it, update manifest.php and customise it for a certain window size. I don’t think this would be too difficult, but it might take a little playing around with the various use cases.

Going forward, the solutions we are looking into for mobile responsive (which you refer to above) ought to handle this as well. You might be interested to read @ross, our Maintainer’s, recent post looking at possibly using Tailwind for this:

Let us know if you manage to put together a wide-screen theme: I’d be interested to see what it looks like.



Thanks for that. I will look at it when I can and get back if I have any success. For sure I like the functionality of Gibbon so the cosmetic are the cream on top.