How do make use of gibbonLog?

Hi folks,

A number of actions are logged in table gibbonLog. However, it seems there’s no tool or query available in Gibbon to actually make use of this data.

Am I missing something?

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Hi Roman,

You are correct that at current there is no interface for interrogating the log, other than going straight into the database. This is something we intended to build, but did not get around to. Is this something you might have some interest in looking into? I’d be happy to share some ideas for getting started, and with @ross’s refactored tables and new gateways it should not be too tricky.



Interest? Yes. Time? Hmmm. :slight_smile:

Hi Roman, that feeling is mutual! I guess for now we’ll have to stick with database access, but I’ll see if I can build something simple into v20. Cheers! Ross.

Hi Roman, found some time to put this together today. Check out the PR below, which Sandra will review at some point. You get a mention by name ; )

It’ll be in v20 when we release on June 20th 2020. Many 20s!



Hi Romain,

#1035 has been merged into Gibbon and tweaked, and now seems to be running pretty well.



Works like a charm! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Gibbon Logs is not showing correct time as

Time is AM but it is showing 12 Hours later time.

Please fix it.

it is 20 may 01:31 but it is showing 19 May 13:31

Hi Ghulam, this is interesting. I wonder if this is to do with the timezone setting on your server. Can you please confirm the server timezone and your own time zone? Thanks!


I’ve got the same error regarding gibbon log’s time, my system timezone is set to Europe/Paris as is the Gibbon but logs shows always 2 hours before.

any idea on this ?
Many thanks

Hi @odihamdalaye Even if the timezone is correct, sometimes the server time may need checked and updated. If you go into the console for your server and type the date command, do you see the accurate time?


Yes in my system the date gives the right time