How do I create courses?

Well, we have a languages institute and we have different courses with different times and teachers. So I was trying to create a course from Managing courses and classes (my installation is in spanish so this may not be accurate…url is Timetable Admin/course_manage.php) and I always get an error “The specified record does not exist” (Timetable Admin/course_manage_add.php&gibbonSchoolYearID=022)
What am I missing?

javiers, is your install publicly available on the Internet? If so, can you email an admin login to so I can take a look? This is not one we have seen before.

javiers, the error should be returned in the URL, something like &return=error1. Can you let me know what return you are getting? Ross.

So, I go to establishment management (or administration) => Manage Courses (/index.php?q=/modules/School%20Admin/rollGroup_manage.php)
Then add course (/index.php?q=/modules/School%20Admin/rollGroup_manage_add.php&gibbonSchoolYearID=025)
And now it looks like it allowed me to get to the right page! Did you do anytihng that could have fixed it?
BTW, I created a teacher test user and I can’t seem to choose him for the course I created. What else can I be missing?

javiers, no I have not done anything that could have helped. Where you are looking is not academic courses (which is where you were last time) but rather the form tutor/home room/pastoral care groups in which students are registered in the morning when they come to school in the morning.

Ah, I think I am a bit confused then. I will have to find out which option is the best one for my scenario.