How could lesson planner be group into Terms

Fellow Educators,

Please I want to group lesson planners into the three groups in the Academic year, Term 1, Term 2, and Term 3, and each of the lessons arranges on a weekly basis.

Any help will be appreciated

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Hi Francis, at the moment lesson plans are attached to a particular date, and these dates fall into terms. If you use the Year Overview sub-view within Lesson Planner, you can see which term the lessons fall into:

Is this what you were looking for?



Hi Ross,

Thank you for a quick response, For teachers, this can be easily understood but for students and parents, it could be better if the lesson planner can be grouped into terms, hence they know which lesson to study for each term.

Life builder, I value your humanitarian service to educational development all over the world, heaven shall reward your labour of love.

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Hi Francis,

Whilst this could definitely be an interesting feature to look at, our core team’s focus is currently on our ongoing refactoring work, through which we are making Gibbon more maintainable and robust.

We’ll keep this in mind for future development though.