How can we set Email notification to inform deadlines of user data

I want to know is there any method to use customized notification to each user based on profile field data. E.g. We have to issue a reminder to our students renew their VISA 1 month before expiry date. Say set two reminders before the set date. Custom field notification should be included.

Appreciate your comment on this feature!

Hi mldjayaranjan,

There isn’t currently an automatic feature like this. The best way to accomplish this currently would be an SQL query to get all the students with visas that are expiring, then export their emails to then send this message. An automated CLI script for this is ideally one of the items on the v22 development list.

One option is to use the Query Builder module, available on the Extend page. You could use this to write the SQL query yourself, if you’re familiar with queries, or if you have a Value Added License for Query Builder, we can look at writing the query for you.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Sandra, I will do so, while waiting for V22.