How can I check my student work before allowing him to progress to the next task?

Dear sirs,

I have recently came across Gibbon and am really keen in implementing it to my small home school. There is one question I was hoping you could address. I will try to make it clear to you by giving you an example.

For example, I create a course on Mathematics for student A, B and C. Student A may tend to understand much quicker than student B and C therefore, student A will be able to complete more in a shorter time. As a teacher, my attention may not be much towards student A, so I am not entirely sure if he understands the concepts completely before moving to another task.

I was wondering if there is a like a two way authentication, for example a QR code is generated each time a task is completed which enables me to scan it with my phone at my teacher portal. This would allow me to check on student’s A work more efficiently and only allow him to move to the next task.

I am not sure if this has been implemented in a different way so I was hoping you could address my question.

Thank you.

Hi Par,

I think, given your need to differentiate, that you might find Gibbon’s Free Learning module of interest. Free Learning is a pedagogy which is driven by directed student choice. The ideas is that you lay out a map, which students traverse, receiving feedback from you as they reach the end of each node.

You can learn more at