House Module Update

Hi Sandra,

Does the updated House Points 1.5.05 module (posted Feb 23 2024) have the elements I asked Andy Statham to add for class points? My version is 1.6.02 and I don’t want to update the module and lose online access to the data.

Thanks and best regards,
Andy (British West Indies Collegiate).

Hi Andy, I haven’t heard from Andy Statham in terms of contributing changes back to this module, so I don’t believe the current version will include those changes. Has he made custom changes specifically for your school? If so, if he’s happy to share those changes, we can merge them into the existing module for public use. Thanks!

Hi @stdavsurfer18 If you’re happy to share these changes, are you able to zip a copy of your House Points module folder and send it to From there, I can run a code difference check and perhaps merge any new changes into the current version so that they can be released in the public copy of the module.

Hi Andy got in touch and sent me a copy, I have emailed you at