hosting requirements

I want to try your software. What good host do recommend for hosting your software? Does the hosting company have to run Apache 2 for the software to work albeit they have PHP and MYsqul?



Thanks for your interest in Gibbon.

I use Green Geeks (, and have found them to be solid in terms of performance, security, support and reliability. They are cheap, and use renewable power. In their CPanel install they also include Softaculous (, which allows you to do a quick install of Gibbon without FTP, etc.

In terms of current server requirements, look at the Install Guide (

Good luck with Gibbon, and keep the questions coming! Please do post to the forum, rather than using email. The response will generally be quicker this way.



@admin Do you still recommend GreenGeeks?

I’m currently over at MediaTemple on their basic plan for $20/month.

Absolutely, still a GreenGeeks fan. Not that I have tried any other hosts recently…but certainly they were better than HostMySite and FatCow when I moved over to them 7 years ago, and they are generally reliable, stable and helpful.

@admin Thank’s for your reply! So I assume you are running more than just Gibbon on GreenGeeks.
(1) What hosting plan are you using from them? (2) Did you run into any limitations?

I’m working at a small alternative school and I’m looking into using Gibbon. Before I joined everything has been done in many fragmented ways. I’m hoping Gibbon can put an end to that.

Correct, I use it for:


I used to have the basic hosting package, but traffic is up on these sites over the past year, and so I just had to upgrade as I was exhausting (from memory) the number of SQL connections permitted.

I think their basic plan would be fine for a small school. Hope Gibbon provides what you need.

@rippelhans We provide Gibbon Hosting services on a flexible cloud platform. You are welcome to do a test drive if you wish to see if the services will be to your expectation. We have no limits on the LVE settings and you can setup PHP limits to whatever figure you want.

Great I will do a trial on the cloud platform, how do I get started for the test drive? Please share some links