Hosting Requirement - Shared/VPS/Dedicated or Cloud?

Dear Ross

A piece of advice required here. What is the kind of hosting you suggest for a School with 1000 students. Roughly, this translates into 2000 entities (students, parents,teachers and admin). A 20% concurrent access means 400 logins at the same time - Which kind of hosting is ideally suited to ensure the system does not go down? I understand there can be n no. of other factors (ex. data load, activity on login etc), but want to draw insight from your own experience of hosting in Production environment.



Good question. I would imagine at that school that you will exhaust the MySQL connection limit imposed on most shared hosting, and such hosting generally prevents use of mass mailing, which limits what Gibbon can do. I would guess a VPS should be able to handle your situation, as long as it has enough RAM.

For reference, we run around 1600 accounts on a 6 year-old HP Proliant server, and CPU usage is rarely above 5%, with RAM usage around (from memory) 1-3GB. Such a dedicated machine is over kill, but we had it spare from when it used to run our old library software on Windows, which Gibbon took over, so we used it to host Gibbon.

With cloud (like AWS EC2) I get the impression you may end up paying more than you should, but I don’t have enough experience to say for sure.

Hope this helps.


Hope this helps

What I am curious about is, how you solve your other ict needs when you implement a Student Information System like Gibbon. If you implement Gibbon, do you also have your lessons digitized? Do you have options to let students log in on the system during school hours? How do you take care of student accounts for Gibbon and all the other services?

It makes me really wonder why there isn’t yet an option for centralized user management, something I asked in another thread on this board.

Robb_nl, yes, at my school, many of us have digital lessons, and students log in every lesson to interact these materials. Students apply for school places via Gibbon, so all accounts are created automatically by the system. We then manually mirror these accounts into our 2 other main systems (Google Apps, Mac Server). It all happens pretty smoothly, and does not take a huge amount of time. From this perspective, have Gibbon act as an LDAP server would be very interesting, although I guess this would be quite involved to set up.