Honors Courses and GPAs

I have a feeling I know the answer to this question, but I’ll ask anyway in hopes that someone else has tackled this issue in part and may be able to share some code.

I currently see no way, other than implementing customized code for differentiating a normal class from an honors class within the system. My desire would be to add a toggle button to the Course Details section that allows an administrator to signify whether or not a class is considered honors. This demarcation makes a difference when GPA is calculated on a transcript.

Hi Nate,

Fortunately you guessed wrong, and this does not require code : ) Check out Admin > System Admin > Custom Fields, add a new field, and set the Context field to Course or Class. This will allow you to store the Honors status of the course or class, which you can then use in your custom calculation of GPA for your transcript.