HomeWork Submission pending

I submitted the homework as a Student when testing gibbon and when I log into as teacher it shows the status of homework as pending.

Where is the homework stored and where can I access it.

Sorry guys it worked. The way i Submitted homework was as a student.

Hi Guys the Part when a student recorded homework when going to the homework page
I choose
Homework - Yes
HomeWork due Date -
Homework due date time -
Homework details -
I enter details and press submit. Shows submitted but teacher cannot view the same.

The only way i can submit homework is via online submission as student.

Hi paschal,

In Gibbon there are two ways to record the fact that homework has been assigned: the teacher can record it for the whole class, or, students can record it for themselves.

Only teacher recorded homework has the ability to submit homework: in which case the student sees, in their view of the lesson plan, a form for submitting their work, which then shows in a table in the teacher view.

Hope this helps!



Hi Ross,
Thanks for the reply. As i understand a teacher can view only the homework a teacher has assigned in the lesson plan and not the student recorded homework. Is that right. Correct me if i missed something.
Gibbons is so vast everyday get to learn something :slight_smile:


Hi Paschal,

Yes, it is a big system! And not as well documented as we would like, which does not help.

A teacher cannot see student recorded homework, that is correct. Parents and students are the only ones who see this information.

Hope this helps : )


Thanks for the reply Ross.