Homework - Return - Resubmit

My wife and I are both brand new to Gibbon. Thanks for having patience with my newbie questions. We are using it for her home school management. I’m the tech support and she’s the entire school administration and teacher. We are trying to figure out how to handle a situation where a student will turn in homework, when the teacher reviews the homework and returns the homework to the student with notes. Student makes corrections and resubmits the work.

Is there a way to do this? If so, can you point me in a direction to research and learn?

Thanks for such a great system. We are both loving it. The kids even like it better than anything they’ve used in the past.

Hi Scott, thanks for your feedback, great to hear you’re making good use of Gibbon for your home school. Gibbon does have many lesson planning features, although it’s not a full Learning Management System, so there are some specific LMS features it doesn’t have. There is a Draft option when creating homework through a lesson, enabling students to submit multiple times until they submit their Final option. How the teacher gives formative feedback prior to the final submission isn’t managed specifically in Gibbon. This could be verbal or written feedback, or could be through a linked Markbook column. Then the student could submit again. Not as seamless as the workflow you’ve described, but hopefully workable.