Hide required but unneeded fields

There are a number of required fields throughout (Student Passport/etc, Parent Profession, Library Author, etc) that I don’t need for my install (ex Library I’m using for Music Instrument inventory, so Author is irrelevant). It would be nice if there was a way to “hide” these fields without breaking the PHP/SQL that expects a value.

If a global method could be made to hide and default a value then this issue would be solved. As you BUILD a form, pass each field through a function that checks a table…if it’s in the table, then the field is HIDDEN and return the DEFAULT value in the table…then add it hidden via class/defaulted to the form (or as a normal field if it’s not hidden). Other code then shouldn’t care it was hidden/etc. since a value was passed.

It’s a way to do it anyway. The real key is the ability to hide any field “I” don’t need - right now I create extra docs saying fill it in but ignore it.