Hide PARTICIPANTS section, or move it below other sections

Hello Gibbon team
recently we have been using the planner alot, and we have noticed that PARTICIPANTS section is coming on top of every thing on the mobile view.
in some of our classes we have 170 students, and they will have to scroll down alot before they reach down to the lesson’s content and homework.
is there any thing we can do about this?

Hi Aziz,

If you’re up to modifying your template files, you could make a copy of the index.twig.html file and place it in a themes/Default/templates folder (create the folder if it doesn’t exist). Then, you could tweak the div id=“content-wrap” on line 88 and add the following “flex-col-reverse lg:flex-row” to the list of classes. This should reverse the column order on mobile so that the sidebar goes below the page content.

Let us know if this works. We’re at the end of the v24 dev cycle, but if it’s something that impacts enough users, we could look at adding this to the core on a page-by-page basis.


Hello Sandra, thank you very much for your great help, it worked perfectly

I just want to add that the index.twig.html file should be taken from “\resources\templates” not from \themes\legacy.

i took the wrong file in the beginning and it instantly put the system on legacy theme so i wanted to share this for the next person.

Thank you very much and sorry for later response, i only got to work on it now.

Thanks Aziz for sharing your solution and great to hear you got it working :smiley: