Helpdesk Module

Hi Team ! I downloaded some of the modules today however I am getting this error for Helpdesk. Pls advise. (Its the latest version I downloaded today only.) The other files were uploaded very nicely.
Thanks in advance.

I only downloaded it just now. Why Gibbon treat me like this :‘( :’( :cry:

Hi flygye12,

For Help Desk, the folder name needs to be changed to “Help Desk” to match the module name. The developer behind this module should make this change on their end, but they have yet to do so.

For the update icon, this shows on all Additional modules, whether or not an update is available. It gives you instructions, when you click on it, to find out if an update is available. At the moment Gibbon does not have update checking for additional modules…but we hope to add it in due course.



Thanks Ross ! Changing the name did it !

I have named the folders correctly and they are installed OK, however when going to the modules it shows (all of them whom have been installed by me) The gibbons have escaped

What to do as the folder names are correct

Hi Chelda, if all of the modules you’ve installed are giving the same error, then I wonder if the server does not have read-access to those files. Be sure to check the file permissions of the modules you’ve added, they should be the same as the rest of your installation. Generally, this is 0755 or 0775, depending on how your file ownership and groups are setup.