Help with Year Group - unable to register students

We’ve opened up registration for the 24-25 school year. We tried making YEAR GROUP “hidden” for registration since it doesn’t make sense to our parents.

When we go to admit them, the Year Group (since it’s required) has to be filled in, however the drop down is blank.

When we look at the Year Group table, it was empty (as it has been in years past), so I added one (new requirement?), but it still shows empty in the dropdown.



Anybody have any thoughts here? We want to start admitting students, but we cannot due to the required field.

Hi Jason, a year group will be required for enrolling students into a school year, so it sounds like you’ve taken the right approach creating at least one for your school. This isn’t a new requirement, Gibbon has always required year groups, so it shouldn’t have been empty in the past :thinking:

It sounds like, since you may have created it after you setup the form, that the form may not be enabled for that year group. Be sure to edit the form and ensure that your year group is enabled, and it should show up in the drop-down list.

I figured out the issue. On the Home > System Admin > Form Builder > Edit Form page…YEAR GROUP was set to All/None. I added a check for DEFAULT as well, and then it worked. I don’t know if that means All/None doesn’t work…or if it’s not doing what I’d expect, but it is now working.