Help with the receipt

I currently run the Version 11 cutting edge code of gibbon but i have one very important need. At the bottom of the receipt, i want an outstanding balance to appear for any student that has paid an installment but still owes a balance. This is very important for a prospect i’m trying to convince to adopt gibbon.
i know it works like this but cant help myself: Outstanding balance= Invoice total - total paid.

Any help anyone?

@george want to see if you can cut this code and do a push request? Seeing as you offered last week ; )

@george, no worries its done ; )

@stevemine1, as mentioned in my email to you, such urgent requests (especially when followed up with an email asking the same thing) are not sustainable, given the small nature of our team. In this case I have produced the code for you, but please do not do this again in future. You can find receipts with outstanding balance in this request:

For the record, to make this work properly, consistently and in line with other settings in the system took 58 lines of code…not one or two ; )

Thanks Ross, I’ll try to conform.

Thanks @george

I’ll try the code now.


I applied the code changes to modules/Finance/moduleFunctions.php but still cant find the outstanding balance below payment details section. Please did I miss something?


That is odd. The receipt needs to be partially paid. If it is fully paid, there is no outstanding balance, so it does not show.


Yup, partially paid. still nothing. I’m using cutting edge code for V11.

Steve, that is odd. Can you email the moduleFunctions.php file in question to so that I can take a look at it?