Help - Markbook vs. Transcript


I have to produce transcripts for the students in which I have to display results by skill, by term with group averages. I am currently looking for the best way to enter grades into Gibbon in order to develop a transcripts printout.

Plan A
I tried entering results with the “Markbook” option.
This allows me to enter results by term, but I am not able to enter them by term/skill.
Could Unit or Lesson fields allow me to manage skills?

Plan B
I tried to enter results with the “Formal assessment” option.
With this, I could create assessments for each term/skill, but I will have to calculate the scores per term, the averages…

Example for one course:



Gibbon : v25.0.01, PHP v8.1.2, MySQL v8.0.35, Ubuntu 22.04.3

Hello @smarcil,

This is my suggestion. Use PLAN B since the Markbook allows you to Group Columns by Term. You can use the columns for the different skills (I’ve named the columns Skills #1 [T1], Skills #1 [T2], etc… just to show they belong to different terms).


You can then use Generate Reports in the Reports module to create your transcripts. This will require a custom template to render the transcript in whatever way you want and to perform the calculations.

I hope this helps,


Hello @tiekubd,

Thank you for your reply !

The idea of ​​using the columns of the markbook to enter the notes to be printed on the transcripts seems to me to be a very good idea.

I’m going to do some tests.