Help in setting up Role permissions

Having looked at our needs I am proposing a list of additional roles for our installation but need help in assigning permissions that diferentiate from the exisitng roles but dont restrict the user from areas they need to access. ie I am not sure of somne the the cross relationships if I start restricting too many permissions. Do you have or can giv me a guide for the roles suggetsed.
Also in your data that you sent me I dont understand the “Login Years” column and where would you apply it in permissions.
sent to your address

Thanks Brian


There is no guide for this as there are simply too many permutations, and every school approaches this differently, some radically so.

I would suggest you start by duplicating the nearest role to the one you want. So for example, we have Support Staff+, which we made by duplicating Support Staff. We them worked through the list of permission, and added what these people needed. On the other hand, for SLT, I duplicated the Admin role, and then removed access for certain actions.

In terms of Login Years, this is not define in Manage Permissions, but in Manage Roles. You can restrict login to the current year, or give access to future and/or past years. We change this over the year to protect the upcoming timetable whilst it is a work in progress, and then reveal it when it is ready. So, whilst we are working on it, access to future years is off for every role but admin. Then, when we are ready, we enable future years for HODs, then teachers, then all staff, then finally students and parents. We let everyone access past years at all times, so kids doing two year courses (e.g. IGCSE, IB Diploma) can access content from previous years.