Help for Email setup

Hi Ross and other users,
First I would like to thank the whole community and especially Ross for making this software. I am from a small college of India and generally school management software are much above our budget. I came across Gibbon and trying to use it in our college. I have zero programming/web development knowledge. I used Softaculous to install Gibbon in a free web host (infinity free) and have been successful in setting it up. I need help/advice on setting up email. I went support forum and see that there is two options smtp or php. I am not really aware of the difference but I understood that I can use php easily and for smtp, I have give smtp server details(password/username etc).
For me, the Gibbon is loaded in the webhost using softaculous,. so please can you tell me how to set up PHP. I am also happy to use smtp, but I do not know if smtp is free. I tried to use smtp of gmail using the details but it didn’t work ( I tried all the three ports.

It would be very very helpful if someone can help me. I have been trying to do this since 1 week but not able to set up. My webhost (infinity free) gives me a cpanel, which has apps like phpmyadmin in the database section and alterphpconfig in softwares section. Can i use any of these. Also the webhost has given 3 email address and I have set up one email address.

Please help.
Thanks a lot for making Gibbon

Also please forgive me if I am asking a very basic question, I am new to this and so need advice.

Further update. I tried to use SMTP account details of Mailgun, but then the gibbon password reset links just hangs on there and after sometime it says ‘502 Bad Gateway’

Hi webofficerasd,

Thanks for your positive feedback about Gibbon and welcome to the community : )

If you do not enable SMTP in Admin > System Admin > Third Party Settings, then your system will use the local MTA built into your server. You’d have to ask your hosting company if this is configured.

In terms of the SMTP error you are seeing, it is possible that the server cannot be reached due to a firewall rule, that your credentials are in correct, or that the Mailgun server is not correctly configured. You’d have to speak to your host and support at Mailgun to work this one out. This is one of the difficulties in external hosting: you lack control, but this balances against the need for less technical know how.



Hi Ross,
Thanks. Sorry what is MTA.

Mail Transfer Agent…a piece of software (there are a range of implementations available) that deals with transporting email.

@webofficerasd Some hosts also do not allow external SMTP. you should also find out if they allow.