Help Desk : Problem in Check box in Edit Technician Group Screen


In the Help Desk module, Edit Technician Group screen, when we click on a check box is always blank.
Help Desk v2.1.02

Thanks, Alessandra

Hi Alessandra,

Can you share a screenshot of your settings and some steps to reproduce the issue you’re seeing. Does it appear to affect all parts of this page? I am running Help Desk v2.1.02 but it seems to be working fine and I can click and save the checkbox state, so I wasn’t able to reproduce this error.

Thanks, Sandra

Hi Sandra

Here’s the step-by-step screenshot. The state of the checkbox does not change. It’s always blank.
In the database, the change occurs correctly

Follow video to reproduce the issue
Video to reproduce the issue

Thanks, Alessandra

Hi Alessandra, thanks for sharing your screenshots. I’ve followed the steps to reproduce and still haven’t been able to see this issue locally. However, I can see where this checkbox issue might happen as a result of a missing or changed variable name. Have you made any modifications to the help desk in any way? Otherwise, after submitting this page, can you please check your PHP error log to see if there are any errors that may shed light on the cause of this issue. Thanks!