Help Desk - Discuss Issue Error

Hi!. I’m encountering some problems with Help Desk V.2.1.02.

When the technician opens an Issue to resolve, the error below occurs.

I believe it may be some change in Help Desk V.2.1.02. I had already tested the last version published by Sandra (V.2.1.01) and it was working correctly. Thanks.

@rayclark @Ashton are you able to field this one? Thanks!

Please, can anyone help me?

Hi Alessandra,

Have you run the update in the system admin modules section? It may be that your database hasn’t got the most up to date tables from the last update.

It is also just a warning so I don’t think it should impede on your usage of the module, as @ross suggested in the other thread it may be wise to turn display_errors off in php.ini if you are in production.