Help Desk - attach file

Hi! I need a help please. I can create an issue with an attached file. However, the attached file does not appear in the issues and also does not appear for the technician. The file is in UPLOADS directory.

Hi Alessandra, thanks for the heads up! This module is managed by some of our Gibbon contributors, Ray Clark and Ashton Power, however I had access to the code so I was able to apply a fix. The most recent version can now be found on the Extend page. You can replace the files in your filesystem with the updated version, then visit the Manage Modules page to run the updates for the Help Desk module.


Hi! Thanks. The Help Desk Module on the Extend page is not available. When I click the following error occurs: 404: Not Found

Thanks for the heads up! Looks like the version number previously excluded the leading v in v2.1.01, I’ve fixed the link now and it should be good to go.

OK! I was able to install and the attachment problem was fixed. Thank you.