Graphical Representation of Class wise Grades and Attendance

Hi Team,

In Gibbon is there any module or plugin available for generating a graphical representation (pie-charts, bar-graphs) of the data collected of all the students of the class.
The data includes attendance and grades of the all the students of the class and can we export that graphical representation in pdf format?


Hi Riya,

Yes, Gibbon can produce longitudinal graphs for individuals and groups of students, to allow tracking of progress over time. Check out the core module Assess > Tracking.

You can’t export to PDF, but you could take screenshots to use as you like.



Hi Ross,
can we plot graph of the attendance of the students in class? Can we plot pie-charts in the tracking module?

Hi Riya,

There are some attendance graphs and enrolment graphs for the school overall in Attendance > Attendance Trends, and Students > Student Enrolment Trends.

At the end of the day, it’s unlikely that Gibbon will be able to generate visuals for every schools needs. The best way to generate the specific graphs and charts that you might be looking for is to look at exporting the data using a tool like Query Builder, and then using a graphing tool in your favourite spreadsheet program to create the types of graphs you’re looking for.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the response. :smile: I will try to use the Query Builder Module.

One query related to the Attendance section. I would like to know if the teacher can take attendance by Lesson. I could have found to take attendance by class, form group and person.
But my requirement is to take attendance in each lesson of the day and then show the attendance summary of each lesson plan.
Could you please guide me whether this feature is available in Gibbon or not ? Else is there any workaround that I can use to meet this requirement?

Thanks :smile:

Yes, there is an attendance section built into the Lesson Planner, in the sidebar, so teachers can take attendance per lesson. This still records in the system as a class-style attendance, but will show up in the lesson planner and be accessible from there.